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I'm back

2012-09-26 22:11:59 by Sqeezy

;D guis

EDIT: 02/17/2013
so I lied about being back.

re: subject

2012-08-18 14:22:11 by Sqeezy

The user TimFrommeyer has been temporarily banned from the site for not contributing to ClockDay2012

The user will be able to access Newgrounds again in 31 days.

I'M NOT TOM FULP /Rhythm Heaven Fever

2012-08-06 06:46:10 by Sqeezy

but I am a TF.

Anyway I came to bring you my weekly dose of new content.

I'm starting a new videography masterrace project. I've been playing Rhythm Heaven Fever and I'm diggin all the songs so I'm ruining them by putting silly actors over them

Anyways i'm not a videography student therefor my videos will always be amazing and unforced simple greatness, i'm sure you understand.

/* */
Remix 2:

/* */
It's a new channel so subscribe to it.

on my old cancer channel I still upload shitty drawing timelapse videos
anyway go away now, you fool.

/* */


2012-07-20 10:08:51 by Sqeezy

misleading title only to announce my own birthday ]:

I am pathetic.

I even sang myself a birthday song:
It's My Birthday

anyways, that is all.

Tokyo Gameshow & Fuck

2012-07-10 09:38:11 by Sqeezy

fucking pissed right now, but that is probably unrelated to anything.

I'll just post what I originally had in store for this post and that is this video of luis, wills and my trip to Tokyo Gameshow 2010.
It has Tom Fulp showing us around their booth and we got our hands on BattleBlock Theater and all but it's mostly just completely random shit of what I've seen during the trip. also.. this video arrives only two years late.
(also it's all photos i took put in chronic order, so it just looks as if there is a lot of missing footage, but that is actually all)

/* */
yeah.. anyway still working on this piece of shit animation. half way done now, so I'll probably make the deadline.
here's a stupid short scene from it: 1b22199e6ad9286770d0

June 2012 In Motion + animation sneak-peak

2012-07-03 08:12:02 by Sqeezy

I know that watching someone else's life can sometimes be dull and useless for your own life, but people often tell me that this series inspires them. It's not like I'm doing it for the attention though, I just want to create a sort of fast-paced documentary about my own life that I can look back to in the years to come. So yeah.. I continue doing these.

I haven't been taking that many photos this month though because I am working on an animation, so i included a little screen-recording of so called animation (starting around 3:24)

You can watch it if you ain't afraid of the unknown and the every day life...

/* */
that's it for my weekly frontpage spam. i'll continue to post weekly for the heck of it.

also. I missed my 1.111 'fans' happening, damnit. I wonder if I will ever get to 2.222

June 2012 In Motion + animation sneak-peak

last month I hurt my leg, but it's all good now as seen in this video:

/* */
While I already said so in my previous posts I'm saying it again: I'm currently animating my first television appearance which will be 4 minutes in length and the first subject will be "bad luck".
I have a lot of freedom in that production and I can basically do whatever I want, which is rare I guess. Even violence and a nipslip here and there would be fine they said, or at least that's what I understood.
anyway without further ado let me give you a few little sneak-peaks:

amini: "ikea no work"

amini: "king lightning test"

amini: "burger meets plate"

that's all I can show right now really. it just feels nice to be animating again and to see it still works.
The deadline is July 31st I hope I can get it done before that and show you the whole thing

Currently watching The Animators Survival Kit DVD to re-learn some basic animation-techniques. if you haven't read or watched it and are an aspiring animator then give it a try. Dan Paladin recommends it too so that's just another reason.


Leg Abrasion Healing Process & animated content

-How Chicken Is Born-

2012-06-15 08:11:57 by Sqeezy

Here's my latest live-action masterpiece. It'll answer the question of weither the chicken or the egg came first.

/* */
also: a videogame song:
VideogameTim on Soundcloud

and my silly Facebook music page.

and while I'm at it, reposting "It's Still Me". Watch it if you haven't. It was my last real submission here on Newgrounds.
There will be more real things in the future again.

and here's a screen of a TV production i'm working on:

-How Chicken Is Born-

Y still alive?

2012-06-07 13:33:42 by Sqeezy

feels like i should have died like all those other animators long time ago already, but oh well 2012 is still going..

and it's going STRAOWNG.!

been thinkin how awesome it is how many animators back from that time that it was back then got into working professionally in different ways. NG is still a great platform for aspiring animators I think.
and it ended up providing even me a job as an animator for a tv production. well it may have been a demo reel they saw on vimeo but yaa knoww i would have never animated all these things if it wasn't for Newgrounds sake.

If I didn't stumble across it in 2000 by using a dial up modem, looking for anti-teletubbies on google and if I didn't watch the Xiao Xiao stick animations that were at the top of the portal back then I wouldn't have horribly failed to animate a stickman parcouring across the screen, and i wouldnt have wanted to submit a submission and receive a green and eventually BLUE SCORE that was over a 3.50 rating, which made me submit an ILoveEgg episode stating I was co-authoring it, which would have never let to Tom Fulp deleting my first account with all those crappy submission that just barely made it through. I would have never been so frustrated by my obvious failure, I would have never used the BBS as a portal to release my teenage angst, I would have never posted threads about "Sqeezy the Rubber" doing a fake casting for animators so they would draw Sqeezy fan-art, i would have never raised so much hatred by users they would create an Anti-Sqeezy Club, i would have never met Luis, which eventually let to the Time-Trials and me actually trying to animate, making me improve over time in order to show those hat0rs eventually, entered and won the first contests held and spent that money on a girl met over at sheezyart which was pretty much a hide-out for animators from NG which were also artists, back when there was no art portal and stuff. and I would have probably never gotten so depressed if I hadn't created all my life-structure using the internet.. but I would have never gotten so strong out of it.
what was that just now? a little story telling gramp? i see.

Twas really part of my youth and therefor growth so I will always look back to you in a form of nostalgia, NG

Anyway back to the present. The animations I will be doing are for a german comedy science show "Es geht um mein Leben" (don't look it up, by what I've seen it's fairly emberassing. (Hi Pierre!))
Animation work is starting just now basically so I am doing the complete opposite of what I'm supposed to do right now. It's the first real animating i'll be doing in.. don't even know how long. so wish me luck or something, or determination. I've been an awful quitter and that's what i'm known for so hopefully that changed. I will let you know and probably watch the things or episodes when they are done. I would even enjoy doing the translation and sync.

I could probably cramp a YouTube video or a link to something else I've been doing in here. hmm.. it would probably look weird. I wonder if you're still reading, if I put a video inside you probably watched that first, maybe you are reading and watching it at the same time? amazing.

ok here I go. it'll be My May 2012 In Photosequences. This will give you an idea of what my life might look like, or at least what I've captured during the month of may this year.

/* */
EDTI: It didnt! I KNEW IT.
re-edit: DOES IT WORK NOW?
RE-re-edit: ok cool. i forgot to post a picture anyway

Anyways, how is your dad? if he passed away already i am sorry, if he's still alive well he is going to die some time, so is mom, i just wanted to make sure you realize. tell them i said hi.

Y still alive?


2012-04-13 16:24:31 by Sqeezy