Entry #86

say that you're back ONE MORE TIME

2016-09-02 11:57:52 by Sqeezy

So we back.  

You look as beautiful as you used to.  Congrats.


Heard there's a mass migration happening, so I'm sneaking back in.  You can't sit here cause I reserved this chair.

I'll have to catch up with uploading some movies I haven't posted anywhere  before I get on with 

all new original content


started by uploading a musicvideo created in 2013 today. it's edgy.  check it out




So many unfinished animation projects that I would love to revive in some way.

Really want to do that "Choconugget" christmas special this year, that continues where LilOrphanBoy left off.
Still have "It's Still Me ²" in the pipeline  and other scripts for web-series.


Got a little carried away with music  so animating seemed like a drag   but I'M REALLY FEELING IT again

I created over 100 songs this year alone. Check out a few on bandcamp

http://sqeezy.bandcamp.com   and  http://soundcloud.com/videogametim

there's tons I haven't uploaded. and I figure I should make a bunch of them Newgrounds exclusive. 


Anyway, there's only so much of one hobby a man can handle so i'm about to shut it all down and carry on where we left off.    ANIMAISON


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2017-01-12 10:48:38

Wow it's great to see you're still around!...even though you made this post like 4 months ago. I hope you're doing well Timmy!