Tokyo Gameshow & Fuck

2012-07-10 09:38:11 by Sqeezy

fucking pissed right now, but that is probably unrelated to anything.

I'll just post what I originally had in store for this post and that is this video of luis, wills and my trip to Tokyo Gameshow 2010.
It has Tom Fulp showing us around their booth and we got our hands on BattleBlock Theater and all but it's mostly just completely random shit of what I've seen during the trip. also.. this video arrives only two years late.
(also it's all photos i took put in chronic order, so it just looks as if there is a lot of missing footage, but that is actually all)

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yeah.. anyway still working on this piece of shit animation. half way done now, so I'll probably make the deadline.
here's a stupid short scene from it: 1b22199e6ad9286770d0


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2012-07-10 14:10:44

Sweet tunes and great pictures man.

That egg in the mince dish looked HORRIBLE.

You're allowed to smoke inside?

I want that sake.

Fucking love Japan, thanks for bringing up to meh.


It appears you just mostly got drunk... I'm envious! Haha!

Was it expensive over there? Stuff like the food, drink, idiotic hats ect?

Great stuff. Also, short scene from the animation looks good, look forward to the completed submission.